What’s it all about? – The Collective is a curated group of highly specialised fast moving digital companies, and we’re connecting them to the worlds biggest brands.

What is the Collective?

Within the digital sector innovation is a continuous cycle. Innovation is a resource that all businesses can always use more of, and like any resource we must do our best to harvest it, and lay the seed for a fresh new crop.

A common complaint of digital marketers working for big brands is that some of the more established through-the-line creative agencies don’t ‘get digital’. The Collective is a new way to introduce companies that have requirements for digital work to small innovative agencies.

It’s sometimes hard for companies to find new talent and technologies and ideas that complement their brand. It also sometimes hard to procure those small companies as they may not have a long trading history or extensive experience in managing large digital projects.

The Collective is a curated group of highly specialised fast moving digital companies, coupled with digital consultancy to make sure any brief received from a company results in a response which is cohesive and pulls together the most relevant and capabilities, technologies and minds.

Who is in the Collective?

We have a great mix of specialised, fast moving and talented agencies

There are hundreds of agencies registered in the Collective.

Some are residents of the Hoxton Mix, some are in our extended community and have worked with us previously, or have networked with us at one of our mixer events. All have been fully vetted and met our stringent requirements for Collective membership.

Just a few of the great teams in our Collective

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  • hoxton_mix_collective_08
  • hoxton_mix_collective47
  • hoxton_mix_collective_03
  • hoxton_mix_collective50
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  • hoxton_mix_collective51
  • hoxton_mix_collective54
  • hoxton_mix_community03
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  • hoxton_mix_collective45
  • hoxton_mix_collective49

We help match the right team to the brief

How does it work?

The Collective simplifies the process of meeting new talent… Here’s how:

  • Companies can register to become clients and use the Collective through the registration page.
  • The Collective goes through any procurement process the client might require.
  • Briefs are then submitted by clients and are received by the curator within the Collective. We then send the brief out to the agencies with suitable capabilities that will garner the best response.
  • The pitch is shaped with the responses from all of the agencies in conjunction with the client.
  • The process is completely transparent and all costs are passed through directly from the agency to the client.
  • The client pays the Collective for the time to create and deliver the pitch.
  • When the pitch is successful, the agency pays a commission for the project to the Collective.


The benefits

  • Instant access to an ever growing pool of highly skilled talent
  • Procure the Collective once, access all agencies thereafter
  • Coordinated fast response to briefs
  • No inflated large agency retainers
  • Innovative cutting edge entrepreneurial thinking
  • Complete transparency, no white labelling or fee hikes


The benefits

  • Work for large brands with good marketing budgets
  • Sidestep the corporate procurement process
  • Simple sign up procedure and SLA
  • Work alongside agile innovative agencies
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Complete transparency


“The enthusiasm and creativity of the people involved in Tech City was hugely inspiring. These start-ups and digital agencies deserve some investigation by big multinational brands – the set-up of the Hoxton Mix makes it possible to incorporate small, highly creative digital agencies in your communication processes.”

Gerhard Louw – International Media Management at Deutsche Telekom

“From a creative advertising perspective, it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to see that, if a few more large advertisers adopt the model developed by these brands and The Hoxton Mix, it could reach a critical mass and enhance even more the vibrancy and credibility of the growing tech community.”

Alex Tait is chairman of ISBA Digital, Data & Direct Action Group

Alex Tait


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