A smarter way of working

Discuss a brief with us

If you have a brief, or even an idea for a brief and you want some inspiration send it to us.

We will read through it and select a number of agencies that we believe could add value to the brand. Once approved we forward the brief to the group and wait for the flow of original ideas to come back. We then shape those concepts into a viable and cohesive response and invite the brand owner to discuss it with us and the agencies directly. We then pull the trigger and execute the project.

We realise that everyone works slightly differently so if you want to engage with us in a different way just let us know. We’re people linking other people with the help of machines.

Who is submitting briefs?

We are currently working with a number of leading brand owners including:

  • A global energy company
  • Two of the largest fast moving consumer goods companies in the world
  • A global fast food company
  • Telecoms, drinks vendors, sports brands and more

We can’t divulge who these companies are right now, but the list includes the worlds most powerful brands.

How does the procurement process work?

Everyone works in slightly different ways, but having been procured by a number of the worlds leading brands we have fleshed out the basic model:

  • The client has a master services agreement with the Collective
  • The Collective has more lightweight service level agreements with all of the agencies within the collective which mirror the most important clauses within the MSA
  • Work authorisations are signed per project between the client and the collective, and in turn between the collective and the individual agencies
  • Invoices are issued to the collective by agencies on completion of key milestones. These are in turn issued to the client
  • All estimates and pricing are completely transparent to all parties
  • Agencies then pay a commission to the collective on completion of the project

Let’s have a chat… We’d be happy to help with any projects…