Virtual Office Conference Call – the hassle-free conference calling service that’s free to use

Setup a conference call in seconds… and with our Conference Call service you only pay the cost of an 0844 phone call to your normal network provider – nothing more.

How does it work? Just 3 simple steps…

  • Enter your email address to create your own private room and PIN number.
  • Share your dial-in number, room and PIN with associates, colleagues or friends.
  • Agree a time, all dial in and when prompted enter the private room and PIN number provided.

Let’s get talking…

One-step to hassle-free conference calling.

100% free to sign-up. Instantly set-up your own unique conference line.

Create my conference number

You are ready to start conference calling!

You UK dial-in number is:
0844 414 8020
Room No.
A copy of these details have been emailed to

Instant access
Start a conference call within seconds of entering your email address.
No more bookings
A 24/7/365 on-demand conference call service that’s available all year-round.
Enterprise-level security
Our enterprise-level security will keep your conference calls private and confidential.
Superb call quality
24bit sound through high-performance bandwidth with fibre carriers entering at disparate points to guard against failure.

So what is the bottom line?

How much does a conference call cost?

It’s free to use – you only pay the cost of your own 0844 phone call, in the United Kingdom you pay as little as 4.3p per minute, these charges appear on your phone bill in the same way as any other call

Why should I choose the Hoxton Mix Conference Call?

The Hoxton Mix has helped thousands of small businesses with our range of business products and services. Unlike a number of other Conference call services the Hoxton Mix Conference Call is completely free of charge, hassle-free, and compliments a range of virtual office offerings as your business grows.

How does it compare with other conference call competitors?

The Hoxton Mix operates an enterprise level telephone private branch exchange, meaning we can provide a leading conference call service without the expensive overheads.

See our price comparison with BT MeetMe for a 1 hour conference call.

Unlike other conference call providers The Hoxton Mix does not charge the chairperson a fee for hosting the call, they simply pay the same low-call rate as the other participants.*

* Call charges can vary depending on your mobile network provider.